Saturday, February 5, 2011

121 Days

This afternoon, I decided to pull out my Wii Fit Plus and Balance Board and do a little moving and shaking. I was feeling so proud that I had taken that step...after all, it's been a little while. I made up my mind that I was going to do some low impact stuff, and have a 200 calorie burn goal. I was feeling motivated.

I'm not sure what it is about my Wii Fit Plus program. I think I may need to send it back to the manufacturer. It seems to have some sort of glitch - that glitch being a serious personality problem. This thing says things that aren't socially acceptable ALL THE TIME. I mean, it will say, "OH! That's OBESE!" and "Do you find yourself tripping when you walk?" routinely. Well, today, it officially discouraged me.

I got my program up and running, and went to do some of my initial start up things. You have to weigh in (and it freaked out on me because I'm at a gain since the last time I was on it). Then you have to do the tests to determine your "Wii Fit Age" - and it was mostly kind since today my tests resulted me an age of 33, which is only +3 years above my actual age, but it did tell me that I need to work on my balance again. dropped the bomb. It asked me if I had noticed my tummy feeling tighter. (Press A) Followed by, "Oh! Let me think...It's been...121 days since your last session." Really, Wii? REALLY?! Did that sarcasm just come out of you?? Translation: "Is your tummy feeling tighter? Um no, because you're slack." Nice.

I'll be honest with you...if I had just a little less self-control, I would have drop kicked a Wii right there on the spot. Here I was, feeling encouraged because I was blocking out some time to do some official calorie burn, and this damn thing was insulting me because it had been 121 days since the last time I used it.

And then it hit me. [Enter Ah Ha Moment Here]

I had just allowed an inanimate object to discourage me. What in the world was I doing?! So what?

Yes, It has been 121 Days since I used my Wii Fit Plus. No, I didn't reach my logged weight loss goal the last time I had logged in. Yes, I was at a four pound gain from that day. Yes, I'm obese.

The fact is, my body today is a direct result of my decisions yesterday. So, my decision to get some additional movement today will directly affect my body tomorrow. And my decisions tomorrow will directly affect the future me.

Focusing on the past...past bad decisions, past insults, past failures...those won't get me to my goals. In fact, they will most likely hold me back from them. However, focusing on the present will directly affect my future. Deciding to make good choices at this meal, or to pull out the Wii Balance Board, or to go walking with a friend instead of meeting for lunch...making one good choice at a time will get me there.

Who knew that an insult from a stupid gaming system could cause such a revelation?! Oh! And I got my 200 calorie burn on! 206, to be exact. Broke a sweat. Did some good stuff for my body. So, Wii, Thank you. I think...

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