Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear Enthusiasm, Please Come Back....

So, I wouldn't describe myself as lacking in motivation, because I'm definitely not ready to give up. However, I would say that I'm going through my first loss of enthusiasm stage.

A weight loss journey, especially a long term one, definitely has phases. You go through moments that you're really inspired and ready to take on the world. You go through moments that it seems to come really naturally to follow your plan and make healthy choices. You have moments that you can still make the choices, but it's a difficult and constantly conscious effort. You have moments that you make mostly good choices, but there are moments that you just can't seem to get it together. And there are moments that you completely fall off the wagon.

While I haven't quite fallen off the wagon, I'm definitely having to work at this right now. Every food I'm not supposed to have seems to be screaming, "You haven't had me in SOOOO long!" and my workouts are more like chores.

Basically, I need an attitude adjustment. I've got to find it within myself to not be so "blah" about this journey and regain my enthusiasm. Here's to hoping I can figure that out SOON!

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