Friday, April 23, 2010

Foodie Friday really does eat 5 times a day!!

So here we are, is it Friday already? My entire abdomen is still sore from doing Brazilian Butt for the first time yesterday. Shouldn't my bum be sore? Oh well, I'll take flat abs, too!

I promised some food ideas for eating those 5-6 meals a day for this week's blog. Now I am a working mom, so I literally have to take some time in the mornings and at night to pack my cooler for the day (yes, I really do this lol).

I posted my breakfast recipe I make in my first blog-that's my first "meal of the day" and at only 250 calories, it keeps me full until at least 11, which is awesome. My 2nd meal can consist of any of the following combos, and are all around 200 calories:

South Beach Meal Bar
Lowfat Cheese stick and crackers
Banana with Nutella (YUMMM!!!)
cottage cheese and jam

This is what I eat about a half hour before I leave for the gym on my lunch break-I prefer to eat lunch after I get back from the gym, to hold me over so I don't over-snack in the late afternoon.

My lunch almost always consists of a turkey sandwich on rye (rye has proven to keep you fuller longer) with lowfat mayo or hummus, and lots of spinach and tomatoes. A real belly filler coming in at only 300 calories!

My afternoon snack can be any of the following as well:
Handful of mixed nuts-Planters makes good varieties for digestion, energy, etc
100 cal bag of popcorn
Cheese stick and crackers (I could eat this 5 times a day, seriously)

Then for dinner, I'll try to hold off until about 6:30 to eat, which is just late enough so I don't have night time munchies. I'll make this a bigger meal with lean protein, lots of veggies and a carb. Also, believe it or not, pasta has a lower glycemic index than even brown rice, so I've been incorporating whole grain pastas into our dinners lately, and indeed it is true. Glycemic index works:

Soooo...try it for a week-I know it requires getting up a bit earlier to prepare this, and it's not as easy as going through the drive through, but it's SOOO worth it! I have recommendations for smart drive through choices as well, but, that's another time.

Here is what I'm going to be cooking up tonight-in honor of my recent trip to Jamaica, where the food is so wonderful, tasty AND healthy!

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