Sunday, April 18, 2010

P90X - Day 1

Day One P90X - Completed!
When I tell people that I am doing the P90X program, I typically get some variation of the same response: Good luck with that....It's very hard and it will kick your rear end. Not so politically correct translation: Ummm, fit people struggle with that program, girl. What are you THINKING?!
So you wanna know my very transparent and honest opinion of my first day with the program? Here you go: They're right. However, there's definitely a but to that statement.
Fit people can definitely benefit and struggle and have to push through this program. I can definitely see how a year from now, I can be 100 pounds lighter, and still be totally challenged by this program. BUT (told you there was a but), with modification, and doing what my body is capable of doing, and pushing myself to the point that is my limit, I was able to complete about 80 - 85% of Core Synergistics on my very first attempt.
Where I struggled may not be where you struggle, but was expected for me personally. I struggled with all variations of pushups and planks. I had to not go quite as deep with lunges and stretches on my left side due to a weak knee. However, every bit of everything I accomplished today was tons more than I accomplished yesterday.
In all sincerity, considering where I am starting, and the weight at which I am starting, I found myself surprised, if not shocked, that I was able to complete as much as I was able to. Here's the thing...P90X is a real workout. There is nothing easy about it. It has to be intense to provide the results that it does. But, don't let the hype scare you away from it, because it CAN be modified to fit your abilities and THEN it has plenty of room to make it more and more intense to continue to work your muscles in a way that makes you stronger and leaner and fitter.
I'm looking forward to Day 2, Day 30, Day 90...and I'm looking forward to deciding which version of the 90 day program I will be starting for Day 91. Goals = within reach. If I can do it, YOU can do it.

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