Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weigh In, One Day Late

All righty then. I did my official post-vacation weigh in on my regular Monday, but due to craziness in life, didn't get around to posting it until today! Here we go:

Start Weight: 280.0
Last Weight: 276.2
Current Weight: 276.6
Weekly Weight Loss: +0.4
Total Weight Loss: 3.4 pounds
Well, there it is. I was pretty pleased that over my vacation, in spite of pitfalls, some bad decisions, and the water retention that I always experience when travelling and walking, I only had a 0.4 of a pound gain. I fully believe that when I have my weigh in next Monday, the scale will reflect a small additional loss, because I did experience a bit of a fluid retention issue, which would reflect on the scale this week, but not next.
In other news, I managed to reinjure my bad knee on the trip. I'm babying it, and today I'm going to do some stretching and some minor things to try to get me over the hump, but ultimately that is postponing my start of P90X for a short period of time. I'm pretty bummed about the whole situation, but I'm just gonna have to roll with the punches just a bit.
Only 6 more days until my next weigh in! I can't wait!!
PS - I peeked at the scale this morning...good things are happening! ;)

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